1. Do you sign off contracts before taking a job?

Most of the DJs like Tune Mixer hired during special occasions like a wedding do not have high standards of professionalism. Acceptance of a legal contract is an indicator of how reliable and professional a DJ is. A contract also establishes the obligation of the DJ to the client.

2. What is the duration that you have been a DJ?

Everyone wants an experienced DJ like Tune Mixer or maybe DJ Tom Finn who knows what exactly they are doing. The duration a DJ has been working will give a clear view on the level of of experience they have. It would also be important to chip in the question whether they have had official training from either a company or DJ school.

3. What is unique about you?

Many professional DJ has something that he does that makes them different from others. Therefore, a DJ proud of his work should manage to be honest in their response. There’s however a possibility that some might take this chance to trash talk their competitors and this reflects poorly on them. Continue reading